Worship the Lord

This month of November, 2016 let us please develop the attitude of true worship to the Almighty God. The English word “worship” is derived from an Ola English word “Worthshp” and constitutes those actions and attitudes that ascribe honour and worth to the great God of heaven and earth. Worship is essentially God-centered, not human-centered.


In Christian worship we draw near to God with joy and gratitude for what He has done for us in Christ, and through the Holy Spirit.


God wants us to worship Him this month as never before, as individual, family or as a Church/Parish. This month let us be up and doing in worship of the Lord. As we do this all the things He has for us will be released in the physical-may it be so in Jesus name – Amen!.


Worship expresses faith, love and devotion from our hearts and with our lives to God the Father and to the worthy Lamb, who was slain for our sins – Rev. 4:5


Christian worship: Two key principles govern Christian worship

  • True worship takes place in Spirit and truth (John 4:23) and
  • The practice of Christian worship must correspond to the New Testament pattern for the church (Acts. 7:44).


God blessings for the true worshippers

There are a lot of blessings that accompany true worship of God, viz

  • The Lord will be with them, and come in intimate communion (Matt. 18:20; Rev. 3:20).
  • He will overshadow a true worshipper with His glory – Ex.40:35; 2Chr. 7:1
  • He will bless with showers of blessings (Ezek 34:26) especially with peace (Ps. 29:11)
  • He will impart an abundance of joy (Ps. 121:1; John 15:11)
  • He will answer prayers, prayer in sincere faith (Mark 11:24; James 5:15)
  • He will freshly fill with Holy Spirit and with boldness (Acts. 4:31)


By His grace and power the forgoing blessings will be your portion even as you devote this month to worship Him.


God bless you!


From the desk of: Pastor Wilson Ifie

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