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Published - 12-07-2020

Salvation from error.

Day One Hundred and Ninety Four

Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do always err in their heart; and they have not known my ways. Hebrews 3:10

Their generation was prone to error same as ours. Their error happened after they had been delivered from Egypt, after they had received the promise and the commandments. It is a message, that after accepting the message of salvation and after coming to Christ, we still need to be cautious of error and to pray not to be a prey of that spirit of error.

There is no doubting the fact that we live in an age where error seems to be the order of the day. The error seems to cut across. It is no respecter of leaders and preachers. Some have seen their leaders turn around to start to dilute the word and the doctrines they once held sacrosanct. Men are not spared. Some who preached and kept their covenant seem to have slowed and have started to practiced the same things they preached against. Youths are not spared. In fact, it appears that the youths are threatened in this generation more than earlier times. It has been a concern for instance, that  some youths don’t mind to sing songs and love the lyrics composed by highly wayward musicians. Under the influence of those songs and the singers, some have drastically changed their mode of dressing to mirror the sinfulness and promiscuity. Even kids are not spared as many of them no longer learn to pray the Lord’s prayer.

There is a wave of error that is spreading like whirlwind in this age and in this generation. It is spreading through the nations and through all age groups. It is threatening the preachers as it does those preached to. We ought to pray that the wind of the Lord, and the wind of revival will come and that our generation will be saved. Individually, we should pray earnestly not to be caught up with this spirit of error that is taking over the hearts of men and women.


Prayer – Lord, touch my heart and plant Your Word in there that I may not err and that I may not sin against You. O God, save me and save my generation from error. In Jesus name. Amen.